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About Ezekiel

Ezekiel Chew is a serial entrepreneur, business growth hacker, investor and regarded as a Forex expert based in Singapore. He made his first million dollars through forex trading while still in his early twenties.

Ever since, he has been a mentor, trading and business consultant to corporations, startups and entrepreneurs.

In 2008, he founded a forex training company, Asia Forex Mentor, which is now one of the largest forex academies in Asia.

Aside from Asia Forex Mentor, Ezekiel is a highly successful entrepreneur who has founded, partnered and invested in various successful businesses. These include, among others, a digital marketing consultancy, an educational company and several tech startups.

Ezekiel comes not only as a successful entrepreneur but he brings in a wealth of knowledge and expertise with his prior corporate experience as the #1 in charge of the entire Contiki’s Asia group, covering the APAC region and other areas.

Straits Times Interviews Ezekiel Chew

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What I Do



I grow companies. Having supported a diverse array of companies and facilitating annual growth of up to $200M. I KNOW how to grow companies. Here’s where I work my magic: Sales, marketing, digital, Pr, P&L management, restructuring, merger & acquisition, growth hacking, new business development, business strategy and more. I’m not your everyday agency business consultant, you are working with a seasoned entrepreneur who have taken many companies from ground zero to the million dollars mark. I grow companies from 6 digits to 8 digits in revenue. I help startups from scratch to exit. Send me a message and let’s chat.



Let me help you scale your company to the next level. Entrepreneurs typically rope me in to be a partner in their company. Here are the things that I do: I am known to growth hack companies and take them to next level profitability ASAP. I view businesses with an out-of-the box thinking and inject strategic implementation which you will likely not think of. I use my personal business expertise and the knowledge of growing multi million dollar companies on your business. I will make you the market leader and the company to watch for in your industry with my strong branding and PR expertise. Being the pioneer in digital marketing and having launched various million dollar online launches, I will restructure your digital marketing system that will allow your company to scale exponentially.



I’m a venture partner and an angel investor. Savvy, accomplished, bilingual – highly regarded for identifying high-potential investments and guiding startups to compete in highly competitive markets. Out-of-the-box thinker and accomplished entrepreneur with an analytical mind, emotional intelligence, and the tenacity to constantly pursue key business opportunities. Proven communication skills, using a strong professional network of entrepreneurs to generate dealflow. I work with early stage startups, send in your pitch and we’ll be in touch.


At Asia Forex Mentor, we pride ourselves as being the experts in this industry. We are frequently consulted and engaged by trading companies to consult and train their traders. Our clients include prop firms, trading institutions, fund management companies, and banks. Being the forefront of the industry and having worked with various trading companies we are confident in delivering a solid training program to your traders.

On a personal note

As the leading light in the forex and digital marketing industry. Ezekiel Chew is widely sought-after for his strategic business insights that accelerate businesses and start-ups. He is also the go-to consultant for forex brokerage and trading firms.

Besides being a successful forex trader and entrepreneur, Ezekiel is a regular keynote speaker at various forex and business events around the world. His ability to engage the audience comes from his sincere approach to genuinely wanting to make a difference every time he speaks. When coupled with his humorous style and engaging persona, we are never surprised to see a standing ovation.

He is humbled to be able to positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of traders, entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs and top executives through his training, speeches, seminars and advisory work. On the side, Ezekiel is a business mentor at Singapore’s Temasek and Nanyang Polytechnic.

Ezekiel Chew lives in Singapore, with his incredible wife, Evelyn, his daughter Hailey and his son Kai.