How do you see your business say, a few months from now? Is your company equipped to thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing global market? Or keep up with the mainstream in a world where business realities can change almost on a daily basis?

Do you have what it takes and the know-how to stay on top of the situation? Or are you just riding the wheel at your own pace?

The race to keep your business on top of the league can be an arduous process. There are times when all we need is a catalyst. The service of someone who shall make us do what we can.. Someone who will teach you how to adapt and evolve. An expert who’s been through the arena many times and has managed to succeed through experience and resilience.

As an experienced Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and Forex Expert, my achievements include having created several million dollar businesses from scratch.

I am a highly successful Forex Trader and Mentor and has founded AsiaForexMentor, Asia’s most successful and highly regarded Forex education company.

People I’ve worked with acknowledge the fact that the quality of my consultations is a cut above the rest. This stems from knowing the field of Entrepreneurship from A to Z.

I understand how companies are built and how big corporations are run in ways that will take them to the next level.

I hold key positions and management offices in countries across Asia such as Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, India, and Indonesia.

Needless to say, I know how to make things big.

I am Ezekiel Chew. And together, we can make great things happen.



Strategy & Growth Hacking

Are you able to track your current progress against your company’s annual operating plan?

Are you leveraging strengths and is there an existing plan to close capability gaps within the organization?

Do the strategies prepare your company for its intended future state or potential shifts in your market or industry?

Are you able to combine unorthodox marketing strategies which result in increasing revenue, acquiring more customers, and gaining a better competitive position?

With 20 years of rock-solid entrepreneur experience, I believe that success in creating an effective strategy and growth hacking technique depends on following an efficient and proven framework.

In implementing the right strategies at the right time. I focus on outlining a set of simple yet highly effective techniques to speed up your company’s growth and profitability in no time.

As a Business Consultant and Mentor, I have significantly increased the revenue of my clients across various industries and markets.

The strategies I can teach you are tried and tested. It’s been applied by a lot of business owners, executives, and individuals, and has taught them not only to develop but execute techniques that created more mileage in their business.

By working collaboratively with me, you can:

– Carve out your identity and product market fit. Focuses on the importance of personal branding and finding products that satisfy the market.

– Improve Team Collaboration. Getting your team to work together and share ideas.

– Maximize the Power of Existing Tools and Techniques. This involves both the utilization and improvement of traditional tools and techniques to improve effectiveness.

– Achieve Sustainable, Long-term Growth. Learning to achieve your company’s maximum growth rate without increasing financial leverage.



Is your business ready for digital transformation?

My focus on Digital consultation is to help you develop the core techniques that make up an effective digital marketing plan. That is to attract, to engage, to acquire and to maintain.

Along with this, I can also help your business achieve competitive advantage by creating an effective strategy that will teach you to maximize marketing potentials through social media: updates, content marketing, social engine optimizations, and even branding news.

– Focus. With the bulk of information related to digital marketing, it has become challenging to differentiate from what is useful to what is spam. I have just the professional skill and knowledge to guide you in the right direction.

– Learn digital marketing techniques that help businesses like yours to reach their targets and influence conversions by transforming the way you reach or engage your customers.

– Improve online visibility and create opportunities to connect with customers and increase trust and engagement by learning to create relevant content and utilizing techniques to optimize these for the major search engines.

– I can also teach you how to improve your targeting abilities and digital marketing tactics to allow you the comfort of knowing that the marketing strategies and efforts that you are focusing on actually works.


Change Management

In our world,’change’ is the only thing constant, how good are your change management skills?

Having worked with different industries across numerous countries, I have realized that one major factor that can halt a company’s growth is the habit of resisting change.

Because an effective change management strategy is extremely important to any organization or company looking to grow and adapt, I can help you achieve that.

I will guide you in creating and adapting to change with the following objectives :

– Establish Clear Principles for Change. Aggressively establish innovation and change by setting clear goals and expectations.

– Develop Strong Innovative Strategies. Being an expert on strategy games, I will share with you a structured outline you can follow to develop and execute strong performance management and communication strategies.

– Achieve Employee Preparedness and Participation in Change. Training improves the overall acceptance of change. To support this change, you need your employees to engage.

I can work with you in deploying strategies to energize your company or organization towards change.

– Manage and Measure Performance. I will collaborate with you in making sure that change management is properly aligned with performance management initiatives.

– Measure Change Results. To gauge its overall effectiveness, I will teach you ways to efficiently measure Change results by setting useful targets and utilizing key performance metrics.


Merger and Acquisition

Have you ever wondered how potential partners perceive your company’s finances?

With the main objective of ensuring wealth maximization, companies I’ve worked with all across Asia evaluate different opportunities via the trail of Merger and Acquisition.

Through the experiences I’ve learned while working with consolidated companies, we have proven many times that two distinct companies together create better value than being on a single, individual stand.

As an established entrepreneur and a well-regarded business and strategical coach and mentor, I can guide you through the most important stages of Merger and Acquisition which includes:

– Pre-acquisition Review. Included here are the acquiring party’s self -assessment, ascertaining the valuation, and outlining the growth plan.

– Search and Screen Targets. This stage involves searching for takeover candidates and scanning for an ideal strategic fit for an acquiring company.

– Investigation and Valuation of the Target. Once shortlisted through primary screening, a detailed Analysis of the appropriate company is done at this stage.

– Acquiring Targets Through Negotiation. The major focus at this stage is to negotiate and arrive at a consensus for a bear hug or negotiated merger.

– Post-merger Integrations . This is where a merger agreement by both parties are announced.


Marketing and Sales

Sometimes, the one true key to achieving success in business lies in overhauling your marketing and sales strategies.

We all know that marketing and sales are the heart and soul of any business. Without effective marketing, no business can exist. It is an essential channel for achieving end goals.

For the past two decades, I have been the major go-to guy when it comes to marketing plans and strategies. I have codified marketing and sales processes and have guided individuals to dramatically increase their revenues while leveraging most of the assets that are already in place.

Because behind every great player is a great coach, working with me will provide you with expert insight, clear-cut directions, and a proven system to effectively grow your business.



My 20 years of practical operations expertise gained from working with diverse culture and industries worldwide has equipped me with skills in helping clients solve complex operational problems.

Over the years, I have worked intensively with numerous clients for better productivity and to produce measurable results in terms of sales, cost, quality, and other metrics.

The strategies I will teach you in this area will touch mainly on five important key points to systematically address various aspects of operations.

– Going Lean. With this operational philosophy, we will be giving emphasis on continuously improving activities that allow us to deliver products and services that your customers value.

– Focusing on Quality. This type of quality management strategy will have me teaching you how to enhance your company’s effectiveness and increase its profitability by improving results.

– Improving Forecasting. In my years of experience working with various industries, I have learned that one major loophole in achieving business success is not having an effective forecasting tool in place. For this reason, part of my strategic teaching in this area will be on utilizing tools and sharing with you my extensive knowledge when it comes to improving your forecasting ability.

– Introduction of Customer-Centered Thinking. This is where I will be teaching you the basic yet very efficient strategy of embracing the customers and putting their needs first in order to achieve business success.

– Trying Traditional Business -Process Re engineering. This is the part wherein I will guide you on identifying and reworking some of your organization’s processes in order to be more efficient.

# # # # #

As an experienced Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Mentor, I have learned that every individual and organization experience bad days or hit brick walls at some point.

This is when I come to the picture to share my expertise, and teach the value of resilience when things aren’t going too well. I bring things down to a more practical level, look at things from different angles, and do a top-down analysis for possible solutions.

By methodically solving client’s issues and effectively connecting dots by looking at the big picture, I bring extreme value to my clients.

So, if you’re all set to start the process of finding the goldmine of unseen profits in your business, take the first step by scheduling your initial chat with me today.