Do you want to expedite your growth?

Do you want to make this your best year ever?

Do you want an expert who has created several million-dollar businesses, helmed a directorial position in a global conglomerate, and who is a highly successful trader who is able to tackle the toughest field in the world (foreign exchange) to be in your team?

Important Note: Please do not compare the quality of my consultations with mainstream consulting firms.

I know entrepreneurship from the A to the Z. This comes from having built several successful businesses from scratch to the million-dollar mark.

I know how big corporations are run and what is needed to grow them to the next level. This comes from me helming the top positions in Asia and managing offices throughout the Asia region – Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, India and Indonesia.

I know how to make things go big and viral. All my companies that I’ve built either offline or online capitalize on the power of digital marketing and social media to grow to a level not seen before in traditional brick-and-mortar times.



Digital & Growth Consultation

Having launched several businesses from scratch to million-dollar companies, and having helmed the world’s largest travel conglomerate, I know what it takes to drive a company to the next level. I understand what is required to make your products and services to go viral. That’s what I live and breathe in my working life. Entrepreneur magazine has named me as one of the top entrepreneurs to follow. I promise to bring my wealth of experience into your company.

The question is – are you ready?


Business and Personal Branding Consulting

Coca Cola’s brand is worth $73.1 billion dollars. Many top-tier brands are now in the billion-dollar plus league. What is your company or personal branding worth? Or let’s try this question – why is branding so important?

Imagine you are at a store looking to buy sunscreen. Will you choose a no-name brand or a more expensive Nivea brand?

Branding, when done right – be it for yourself as an individual or as a business – brings tremendous returns in many ways.

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Entrepreneur & Startup Consulting

There’s no better way to grow a start-up than to rope in a mentor or a consultant at an early stage. The insights and advice given will not only save your time and money on mistakes and routes that will prove more costly along the way but they will potentially also help to grow your business to a level that you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Aside from strategic insights and customized action plans on how to take the company to the next level, you will also be guided on the potential exit plan, investor funding, etc.


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If you are in the game of business and entrepreneurship, only the strongest prosper. You simply can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best. If the competition doesn’t eat you up, you will drown in the static of today’s complex world. Too much… Too many… Thus only the very best will emerge as winners.

I’m here to help you do just that. This is my expertise and this is also my passion. This is what keeps me up at night, thinking how can we gain a strong foothold in the market, how can we maximize our ROI, how can we increase the traffic and leads in a different way, how can we market ourselves in such a way that we will go viral, how we can position ourselves to generate credibility, how we can create a strong community of dedicated followers, etc.

After years of working in providing consulting and advice. I’ve structured our session to fit into a 20 min, 40 min or 60 min timeframe.

Prior to this, you will be given a questionnaire to fill in. This is an in-depth questionnaire that I want you to wholeheartedly dedicate yourself to. This will really help me in helping you achieving your goals to the maximum possible level.

Once you have filled in the questionnaire, leave the rest to me. I will spend my time and sleepless nights studying your business both inwards and outwards, analyzing your competition, and ultimately devising a customized strategic plan that best fits your business. Once I have put it all together, I will then structure an appointment for us to discuss it.

Any questions, just send me a message and I’ll be in touch with you shortly.

To your success!
Ezekiel Chew

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