Merger and Acquisition


Have you ever wondered how potential partners perceive your company’s finances?

With the main objective of ensuring wealth maximization, companies I’ve worked with all across Asia evaluate different opportunities via the trail of Merger and Acquisition.

Through the experiences I’ve learned while working with consolidated companies, we have proven many times that two distinct companies together create better value than being on a single, individual stand.

As an established entrepreneur and a well-regarded business and strategical coach and mentor, I can guide you through the most important stages of Merger and Acquisition which includes:

– Pre-acquisition Review. Included here are the acquiring party’s self -assessment, ascertaining the valuation, and outlining the growth plan.

– Search and Screen Targets. This stage involves searching for takeover candidates and scanning for an ideal strategic fit for an acquiring company.

– Investigation and Valuation of the Target. Once shortlisted through primary screening, a detailed Analysis of the appropriate company is done at this stage.

– Acquiring Targets Through Negotiation. The major focus at this stage is to negotiate and arrive at a consensus for a bear hug or negotiated merger.

– Post-merger Integrations . This is where a merger agreement by both parties are announced.

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