My 20 years of practical operations expertise gained from working with diverse culture and industries worldwide has equipped me with skills in helping clients solve complex operational problems.

Over the years, I have worked intensively with numerous clients for better productivity and to produce measurable results in terms of sales, cost, quality, and other metrics.

The strategies I will teach you in this area will touch mainly on five important key points to systematically address various aspects of operations.

– Going Lean. With this operational philosophy, we will be giving emphasis on continuously improving activities that allow us to deliver products and services that your customers value.

– Focusing on Quality. This type of quality management strategy will have me teaching you how to enhance your company’s effectiveness and increase its profitability by improving results.

– Improving Forecasting. In my years of experience working with various industries, I have learned that one major loophole in achieving business success is not having an effective forecasting tool in place. For this reason, part of my strategic teaching in this area will be on utilizing tools and sharing with you my extensive knowledge when it comes to improving your forecasting ability.

– Introduction of Customer-Centered Thinking. This is where I will be teaching you the basic yet very efficient strategy of embracing the customers and putting their needs first in order to achieve business success.

– Trying Traditional Business -Process Re engineering. This is the part wherein I will guide you on identifying and reworking some of your organization’s processes in order to be more efficient.

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