“First of all I just want to say BIG THANK YOU from me, my family, my parents and thousands of people the lives of whom I could impact here in Russia because of YOU, Mike!

I don’t know if you read it or not but one of my biggest dream for the last 4 years to meet you in person. Even it will cost me a fortune and I will just have a photo with you and shake your hand. You are the MAN! Still you lead me in this life and I hope one day to meet you… You can use any photos and any part of the story can be corrected.

One day I clicked on ad at Google Adwords. Since this moment my life had changed forever… I read the story of a guy which was very similar as mine. And this is what attracted me. I felt like I am watching into mirror and reading my own story here at this incredible sales letter. I used to be a waiter and had no success in MLM. I even went to India in my 19 years old to build business because my sponsor said: “It’s the greatest opportunity since its billion people out there”.

When you chase your dreams you will do anything!

After 12 months I returned from there with underweight, with no money, no business and no documents because I was robbed. After those days I had another 7 years trying to find my way. I lived in a rental room 3 by 3 meters (I could not afford to pay for the whole flat). My property was just a laptop, a rusty bicycle and a big suitcase with my clothes.

Then one day I clicked on life changing Mike’s ad. Within few days I bought Magnetic Sponsoring for $37, then Building on A Budget for $27 using the card of my step mom (I even didn’t have my own). I could not afford to buy other courses at that time. So both trainings I implemented immediately and got my first results. I was very excited and inspired!

What happened then you will not believe!

When I started I had now website, I didn’t have a domain and never used skype…

1st month – $130 5th months – $1500+ 18th months – $10 000+ 27th months – $100 000+

It took me 27 months from 0 to $100 000 a month in sales with no experience in online business.

By the way I bought all of you courses that you produced incluiding The List Grow. Its amazing! Today here in Russia I am in top 5% richest people and I help thousands of other entrepreneurs.

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